Customer Empathy Insight Research and Solutions

My background

I have a unique and interesting mix of left/right brain (analytical/creative) abilities, which have enabled me to see and work with 'the big picture'. This has led to broad experience throughout UK, Europe and USA, in areas such as: 

  • Customer Empathy research and consulting 
    • devised the entire Customer Empathy business model concept
    • invented first (only?) system to objectively measure feelings: customers' or otherwise!
  • Strategic Business 'Big Picture' consultancy
    • Customer Service 
    • Corporate Vision/ Mission development 
    • Business Process Management/Re-engineering 
  • Presenting with Passion 
    • Inspirational, original presentations on Customer Service / Customer Empathy
    • Unique inspirational and motivational presentation skills 
      • I've even been compared to management guru Tom Peters in my own presentation style and passion of delivery!
      • I can always be relied on for an entertaining impromptu presentation filler when required. 
    • I have helped many executives/ CEOs to get clear on their own message and learn to present and deliver it with passion
    • Run 'Presenting with Passion' Training courses - for everyone (from front line to executives
  • Marketing Technology business solutions throughout Europe 
    • As a European Marketing Manager for Wang Computer solutions I had extensive experience of marketing 'bleeding-edge' technology and business solutions to various markets and cultures 
      and also of taking a lead in helping define the overall Wang corporate strategy and vision 

Customer Empathy

I'm particularly proud to be the originator of the concept of 'Customer Empathy' and the Absolute
1-10 Scale for objectively measuring feelings, which many people have assured me have played a leading role in shifting the UK Customer Service industry from being driven by what's being done to customers to how customers are being made to feel.

Way back in 1992 (with a background in Technology, Marketing and Business Process Re-engineering (BPM)Solutions Consultancy) I sat back and wondered if companies really knew, or could appreciate, exactly how it felt to be one of their own customers. Despite the massive amounts of effort to improve their internal 'business processes' and staff 'training', did anyone really know (or care) how it actually felt like on the customer end of it all?

Was it even possible to objectively assess customers' feelings? As a customer myself I noticed that there were many impressions that could not be disputed, and so I devised both an objective "Empathy Rating"  of subjective customer feelings and an auditing process to give a deep cultural Insight into the whole Customer Experience.


I'm currently delighted to support businesses in areas such as:

  • Customer Empathy audits 
    • some immediate and direct feedback about your OWN company's Customer Empathy 
    • usually the best place to start as it gives so much immediate insight into all other areas

followed by:  

  • Internal Empathy Development programs 
  • Licensing and training of the methodology for measuring feelings objectively 
  • Strategic Consulting and Values Visioning
    - discovering and refining your business Vision and Mission
  • Executive coaching 
  • Presentation Development and Coaching 

John Jamieson

With Customer Service, it's not all the grand things you do that makes the biggest difference,
that makes us feel good: it's the sincerity and genuineness of your people!


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What's the quickest, most powerful and cost-effective way to WIN 
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"As a result of the economic slowdown, business leaders are focusing on the central role of customer service to simultaneously lower costs and build customer loyalty. The loss of a profitable customer, or a potentially profitable customer, is expensive and preventable."
29th April 2009 Michael Maoz, VP Gartner Inc. PRNewswire









'Customer Fatigue' is getting worse - we customers just won't stand for it when it's wrong, and just because it's 'right' doesn't mean we're going to stay either!



  must know by now that Customer Satisfaction is
NO LONGER enough
... Customers have to love doing business with you!





"The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it"
Stanley Kubrick