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It's much better to talk than trying and understand it all by just reading about it here.

So please do call for an exploratory chat and maybe  a quick 'taster' Empathy Insight on a couple of your calls.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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John Jamieson
Cornwall, England
(available to work 'remotely' worldwide!)


Tel UK: 0208 133 2413
Tel Intl:
 +44  208 133 2413
(yes,that's a standard UK London landline number, but it comes straight through to my desktop here in Cornwall!)

Skype id: john.jamieson1

Typically I'm available 8am to 6pm UK Time 7 days a week (and other times by arrangement

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Wonder why we live in Cornwall?

The passion, sincerity and natural empathy of the Cornish and those attracted to live here leads to some of the very best customer service experiences I've ever had! Plus, take a look at my stunning photos and you'll appreciate some of the beauty here (also, I can keep my costs and fees for you down by doing much of my work from my home-office).

For some photos, see 

For example, this was the view from my previous home-office here!

Typical view in Cornwal!


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What's the quickest, most powerful and cost-effective way to WIN 
Customer Loyalty ?
...capturing the hearts , as well as the minds, of your customers!






"As a result of the economic slowdown, business leaders are focusing on the central role of customer service to simultaneously lower costs and build customer loyalty. The loss of a profitable customer, or a potentially profitable customer, is expensive and preventable."
29th April 2009 Michael Maoz, VP Gartner Inc. PRNewswire









'Customer Fatigue' is getting worse - we customers just won't stand for it when it's wrong, and just because it's 'right' doesn't mean we're going to stay either!



  must know by now that Customer Satisfaction is
NO LONGER enough
... Customers have to love doing business with you!





"The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it"
Stanley Kubrick