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Wonder what it feels like to be one your customers?

Ask for an Empathy Insight 'taster'

I wonder what it feels like to be one our customersIf you are quite new to Customer Empathy or Personal Service and would like to explore this more, a great way to start our discussion is with a small Empathy Insight taster, from which I can offer you some great informal feedback - simply by assessing a few of your current customer interactions.


Either you can send me a few recordings of typical customer calls or I will call your business and record the calls. Then:

  • I will assess them,
  • walk you through the findings to share initial impressions, including playing some of the calls back to you (over the phone, or in person)
  • and I'll even include a rough guestimate of your current Empathy Rating.

You may be surprised at how much can be gleaned from just a few calls.

All without obligation, of course!

If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, then do let me know.

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"As a result of the economic slowdown, business leaders are focusing on the central role of customer service to simultaneously lower costs and build customer loyalty. The loss of a profitable customer, or a potentially profitable customer, is expensive and preventable."
29th April 2009 Michael Maoz, VP Gartner Inc. PRNewswire









'Customer Fatigue' is getting worse - we customers just won't stand for it when it's wrong, and just because it's 'right' doesn't mean we're going to stay either!



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"The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it"
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